With the growing number of education fairs and their increasing frequency, GEEPL kept on focusing on better quality and service for the exhibitors.

GEEPL started with the conventional booth structure and with huge stalls of 9 Sq. Mts. Each. Understanding the dynamics of the Education Fair, GEEPL introduced 6 Sq. Mtr. Booth as a standard booth and 4 Sq. Mtr. as an economy booth for the first time in the global education fair industry. The concept was highly welcomed as it reduced the cost of participation for the exhibitors by almost 50%.

Now the scenario has changed even more and GEEPL has finally introduced the concept of 1 Day Education Fair with just a table setup for each university to counsel the student one to one. This idea has been highly respected and very quickly accepted as it increases the openness of the exhibition area and also make every exhibitor easily visible and approachable.

Some pictures of our previous fairs are: